Retail Beacons Available For Free For Small Businesses

Facebook Makes Retail Beacons Available for Free By: Mike Blumenthal “This marks the first time that beacon technology to interact with customers is being made available at scale to every business. While it might not appeal to a Macy’s that … Continued

Writing Well – Top Marketing Articles

Start-Ups Need a Minimum Viable Brand By: Denise Lee Yohn, Harvard Business Review “It may be tempting to skip brand development in the rush to get a new product to market. Most entrepreneurs are as short on cash as they … Continued

Writing Sales Copy – Top Marketing Articles

Optimization Advice You’ll Actually Use – InboundCon Video By: Chris Stolz When I went to InboundCon in Toronto last year by far the best talk was from Chris Stolz of Hudson’s Bay. I usually place branding related articles first in … Continued

Copywriting Advice – Top Marketing Articles

Since writing is important for all business owners, I thought this weeks list of articles would most benefit you by concentrating on copywriting advice. 8 Writing Tools I Actually Use Every Day By: Ann Handley “But who am I kidding? … Continued

Building Relevant Brands

How to Win the Race for Brand Relevance By: David Aaker “The threat emerges when customers are no longer buying what the brand is perceived to be selling. New categories or subcategories emerge as competitor innovations create ‘must haves.’ The … Continued

A New Endeavour – Introducing Broken Staff Studios

Introducing Broken Staff Studios I have officially launched Broken Staff Studios, my own little indie game development studio. Our new website has just been launched. You can find the site here: My main focus on it right now is … Continued

Is Content Marketing King?

Content is king. No, x-y-or-z new shiny thing is king. You will hear a lot of statements like the ones above. But do they mean anything? My personal experience is that content marketing can be a big help but there … Continued